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Sword & Sorcery (we stand on holy ground…)


Ich suche gerade epische Songs für epische Schlachten. Das hier von Majesty ist nicht schlecht…
und quasi auch eine Old-School-Hymne.


Sword And Sorcery

From the hills behind the lake
He heard the riddle of the brave
While standing in the twilight.
The mighty gods have called his name.
They said:”With Magic and with Steel
All your enemies will kneel,
Keep on riding through the dark night”
It was cold, he felt the rain.

He saw a fire burning, burning high up in the sky
And the clouds were bleeding, while his thoughts were rising high.

Sword And Sorcery
We stand on holy ground
Sword And Sorcery
Defenders of the crown
Sword And Sorcery
The Battle has begun
Sword And Sorcery
We know it will be won.

In the Forrest of the Dark
He met magician Kurasark,
Who became his teacher.
And he learned the magic spells.
Became the leader of some men,
And He gave the last command.
He sounded like a preacher:
“Ride on when you hear the bell!”

And the bell was ringing, ringing loud into the night.
So they started screaming, they were ready for the fight!

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2 Responses to “Sword & Sorcery (we stand on holy ground…)”

  1. flippah Says:

    Was ich gerne nehme als Hintergrundmusik ist Summoning. Das ist dadurch, dass der Gesang recht im Hintergrund gemischt ist, sehr gut geeignet und sehr episch.

  2. Dark-Lord Says:

    Old School.
    Mnowar geht da immer: Stichwort: Power of thy sword und so ;)

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