The Golden Rule

The ever-famous Golden Rule was sub­ject to a heated dis­cus­sion amongst Ger­man blogs lately. Espe­cially since Hen­ning from Teilzei­thelden wrote about the “gm that is is always right”, those that dis­miss the rule spoke up. I am among them; I dis­like the rule that just says to dis­miss, ignore, change or mis­treat any rule that sup­pos­edly stands between you and the realms of sto­ry­telling or fun while gam­ing. But I have my own Golden Rule, one that is not golden in the sense of King Midas. It is made from real gold, because it does not change you style of gam­ing but def­i­nitely the fun and enjoy­ment. And here it comes:

Always try to improve your game.

This is all of a Golden Rule that any­one needs. It is valid for gms and for play­ers, because both can dis­cover new tech­niques every­where. If you ana­lyze those and apply them care­fully to your game, they will improve it in the long run. Maybe not the next ses­sion, but steadily. The more sources for ideas you have, the bet­ter the result. But espe­cially for gms not reflect­ing your style of play and improve it will ruin your game sooner or later. Most likely more sooner than later.

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Jan is a passionate gm. His current favorites are D&D 4 and D&D3/Pathfinder. He muses about gamestyles, adventure design and rpg theory. He is always on the hunt for ideas and advice to get better at gaming. His German blog is "De Malspoeler" ("the insane gamer" or "the insanity pretender"), where he is haunted by a gull that is interfering with his writings. In real life he is a computer scientist from south-western Germany and likes playing volleyball.
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