Enter the Lost Temple of Moradin

Once stout dwar­ven hands carved this tem­ple into the stone, but the runes have been destroyed and des­e­crated. The coal fire on the now demol­ished altar has died and no longer lights the forges in the sur­round­ing cav­erns. Drow have con­quered the tem­ple and their slaves have torn down walls and stat­ues before their blood was spilled on the floor to form the holy sym­bol of Lolth, the Queen of Spi­ders. Spi­der­webs coat the altar and glow­ing eyes lurk in the dimly lit cor­ners to remind wor­shipers of their duties to their god­dess. And they surely will attack any intrud­ers that may want to reclaim the lost tem­ple for the dwarves.

The Lost Temple of Moradin

The Lost Tem­ple of Moradin

This map is my entry for the One Page Dun­geon Con­test 2012. I used the holy sym­bol of Moradin for the ini­tial out­line, which should still be rec­og­niz­able and then tore down some walls to get it closer to the holy sym­bol of Lolth. I used the sym­bols from D&D 4th edi­tion. After the bat­tle the drow have ram­paged through the tem­ple and destroyed the reli­gious items of Moradin, as well as some of the fur­ni­ture and goods, so the tem­ple isn’t fully (re)furnished. I left out mon­sters and traps to give you dms room for your own ideas. The descrip­tive text given above is an exam­ple of how it can be pre­sented to the play­ers. Feel free to use the tem­ple in your campaign.

I also sub­mit­ted the map to the cur­rent Dun­geon Map Con­test of WotC’s Chris Perkins. It’s only open to U.S. and Cana­dian res­i­dents, but I wanted to let them know that there are D&D fans out­side North Amer­ica that would like to part of such con­tests, too. Maybe they’ll lis­ten. Maybe some of you liv­ing out­side North Amer­ica have some maps to send to them, too?

Down­load the map pack con­tain­ing ver­sion in bat­tle mat size in real­is­tic style, line style, OSR blue lines and iso­met­ric per­spec­tive (I felt like exper­i­ment­ing). I also added the orig­i­nal hex­o­g­ra­pher file, so you can mod­ify the map yourself.

The map is pub­lished under cc-by-nc-sa and was cre­ated using Dun­geono­g­ra­pher.

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Jan is a passionate gm. His current favorites are D&D 4 and D&D3/Pathfinder. He muses about gamestyles, adventure design and rpg theory. He is always on the hunt for ideas and advice to get better at gaming. His German blog is "De Malspoeler" ("the insane gamer" or "the insanity pretender"), where he is haunted by a gull that is interfering with his writings. In real life he is a computer scientist from south-western Germany and likes playing volleyball.
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6 Responses to Enter the Lost Temple of Moradin

  1. Rod says:

    Yeah, WotC should let every­one join in. I’m from South Africa and feel the same way. Thanks Jan and good luck with the competition.

  2. Mike Monaco says:

    Nice! Very cool to have pro­vided other ver­sions of the map, too. Good luck in the contest.

  3. Jan says:

    Thank you. With the con­test it didn’t help though. I was not allowed to the con­test and Chris Perkins wrote that they can’t accept any­thing from out­side North Amer­ica and can’t change any­thing about that. I don’t get it, but since those are the facts, we have to live with them.

  4. Mike Monaco says:

    North Amer­i­can only? I don’t want to start trou­ble but Kelvin Green is in and he’s in the UK. So, what, Europe is OK but South Amer­ica is not?

  5. Mike Monaco says:

    I mean: UK is ok but Ger­many is not??

  6. Jan says:

    He is not among the “win­ners”. You can mail them every­thing you like, but it will not be con­sid­ered for the con­test. And you don’t get any reply telling you that. So what do you mean by he “is in”? Did he just sub­mit any­thing or is there any hint that WotC did take his sub­mis­sion into the con­test? Because nor­mally UK nit not allowed accord­ing to the rules of the contest.

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