The Internet judges “D&D Kids”

In June an uproar about an arti­cle on the Wiz­ards of the Coast home­page arose. The arti­cle was named “D&D Kids: Girls at the Table”. It was part of the series “D&D Kids” that had been pub­lished for quite some time by WotC, writ­ten by Uri Kurlianchik. The com­mu­nity demanded a removal of the arti­cle. A start­ing point if this move­ment was an arti­cle by Kynn on, where she ques­tioned Uri’s qual­i­fi­ca­tion to super­vise kids in gen­eral. Her state­ments where based on the arti­cle in ques­tion and state­ments from Uri on his Google Buzz feed. The out­cries began to rise across the Inter­net and let even­tu­ally to Wiz­ards remov­ing Uri’s arti­cle from the their homepage.

The fol­low­ing events have gone even fur­ther. Wiz­ards has decided to remove all “D&D Kids” arti­cles from their site. This has led to Uri mov­ing to Geek­cen­tric­ity, where he planed to re-release his old arti­cles and write new ones. He is also shift­ing focus to I was sur­prised by the pretty silent removal of the arti­cle as well as the van­ish­ing of the whole series, though the state­ments in Uris arti­cle and on Google Buzz have been awk­ward. I tried to get a few answers from WotC, but have been unlucky so far. But I did get to inter­view Uri him­self to shed some light on the mat­ter. I am also in con­tact with Kynn and hope to get some infor­ma­tion from her soon.

Within the next days I’ll pub­lish the inter­view with Uri on this blog unedited. After­wards I’ll write a short sum­mary on the points made and have a closer look at them. Until then I should have also got­ten a reply from Kynn and maybe WotC has send some­thing, too. All in all this should grant a clearer view on the events, as my goal is to pro­vide an objec­tive view on the events.

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