RPG Pitches goes live!

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Hey every­one,

I am pleased to inform you that I com­pleted (for now) build­ing an RPG pitch data­base web­site. It goes by the most imag­i­na­tive title of RPG Pitches.


It was inspired by me col­lect­ing a long list of pitches of games in pri­vate for a reg­u­lar one-shot game night. I would like to make this use­ful for everyone.

The con­cept of the site is sim­ple, depend­ing on what you want:

Find a pitch for my game to make it inter­est­ing to my players

Go on the web­site, select your game/system in the main view (it’s a drop­down menu) or visit the Sys­tems page to scroll through the full list.

You can select by lan­guage (cur­rently only Ger­man and Eng­lish) and by pitch type to quickly fil­ter the list of avail­able pitches. By default, they are sorted by rat­ing, to make things eas­ier for you.

That’s it, you might just have found the pitch you need to start that game off!

Also, please don’t for­get to vote on the pitches to help your fel­low gamers!

Add a pitch you really like

For this, you need to log into your account.

Then, you can just click on the cor­re­spond­ing pitch type in the left side­bar to cre­ate a new entry. Enter a title to dis­tin­guish yours from other pitches, select a lan­guage, name the sys­tem (auto-completed if known) and write your pitch down. Don’t worry if your sys­tem is not known to the site, yet. We’ll take care of that.

Hit “save”. That’s it, you’ve just con­tributed another awe­some pitch. Thanks for mak­ing this site bet­ter and more comlete!

Browse for inter­est­ing games

Sure, why not “abuse” the site for this. Just hit “taglines” and your favorite language(s) in the main view and off you go! The sys­tem pages might have addi­tional infor­ma­tion and links for the game system.

Again, don’t for­get to make every­one hap­pier by voting.


I hope you like the site and find it use­ful. Leave me some feed­back if you do (or don’t). May it be of ser­vice to all of us.

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2 Responses to RPG Pitches goes live!

  1. That looks to be a very good start, I think I need to have a bit of a play around with it, then I might pop a few ideas on. The list of sys­tems is obvi­ously only small at the moment; do you have any cri­te­ria for other sys­tems that are going to get added to the list?

  2. PiHalbe says:

    Thanks for your inter­est in the porject!

    Cer­tainly, the list is short, as only me and a few beta testers have entered pitches, yet. The cri­te­ria for sys­tems to be added is:

    a) they have to exist
    b) some­one has to add them

    Obvi­ously, I can only add pitches for games that I at least read. But I am will­ing to enter con­tri­bu­tions sent in via mail (con­tact form on the site) or you can reg­is­ter to add your own pitches (which you can then also edit to enhance).

    So please, spread the word around which will make the expe­ri­ence richer for all of us. :)

    Hope to hear from you!

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