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This is the sec­ond (and the only one in Eng­lish lan­guage) of three inter­views I recorded at the SPIEL 2012 exhi­bi­tion in Essen.

I talked to Christof­fer Krämer who is one of the many cre­ative heads behind Swedish game pub­lisher Gigan­toskop. He talks about how they go about their cre­ative process, the inter­nal com­pe­ti­tions they make for design­ing new games, why they put their focus on games with strong themes, how ideas are cheap and why it’s best to talk about your game and not be afraid that any­body will steal your idea.

I hope you enjoy the inter­view as much as I (and appar­ently, he as well) did. Feel free to comment.

Till next time, have fun!

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Arti­cle source: http://pihalbe.org/audio/2012–11-14-picast-spiel-2012-christoffer-kr-mer-gigantoskop-911

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