Tanelorn produktiv – an editorial

Some ideas are sim­ply good.

Very good.

Over the last few weeks I became more active again on the Tanelorn, one of the great Ger­man fan­tasy forums.

But besides enjoy­ing some inter­est­ing dis­cus­sions, I also felt keenly reminded of why I had taken such a pro­longed hia­tus from RPG-related forums in the first place.

Forums are unpro­duc­tive. Uncre­ative, even.

All talk, no action.

There are ques­tions, answers, dis­cus­sions, ideas, the­ses and their antithe­ses, but noth­ing usu­ally comes out of them. Noth­ing con­crete, no prod­uct, no con­tent to use or to inspire.

What am I even doing back here?” I thought.

Then, into that morose assess­ment of the state of things burst this thread:

A call to arms to redress this very sit­u­a­tion. An invi­ta­tion to con­tribute to a col­lec­tion of all the lit­tle things, the results, the prod­ucts, of the cre­ative processes within and around the Tanelorn and its community.

No sim­ple list of hand-me-downs and dusty old house rules either, but new stuff born – more or less – of the moment.

Within just a few days every­thing from new crea­tures – com­plete with illus­tra­tion – and set­ting intro texts, to mag­i­cal items, char­ac­ter sheets – with sam­ple char­ac­ters -, maps and micro rules’ sets popped up, linked in the tread or directly posted into it.

This is what a com­mu­nity should be about: Shar­ing the actual out­put of cre­ative ende­veav­ours, not just dis­cus­sions one step removed from the real thing.

Arti­cle source: http://d6ideas.com/?p=3527

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d6ideas is a collaborative project of like-minded gamers. We focus on generating playable content from simple house rules to complete homebrew games and from short adventure hooks to elaborate campaign settings. Different members of the team have brought in a variety of games from Blue Planet to Unknown Armies and from D&D 4E to SLA Industries. Should you be interested in pitching in 1 or 2d6 worth of ideas yourself, just drop us a line.
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