My unnamed Game Chef project: Introtext

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Some­body grabs you by your squishy end and draws you out of the comfy sticky goo that you were sub­merged in. You wind your­selves in fear of being crushed. You vaguely see a few worms, wind­ing them­selves in the fin­gers of sur­pris­ingly unre­mark­able humans. You must your­self be such a worm, cap­tive between the fin­gers of another human, or Norm. The Norm wears gog­gles and over-sized gloves. Of course, you don’t know what that is, now. But you will soon under­stand. He smiles at you.

While the goo is still drip­ping off of you, he car­ries you over to another Norm. Your cap­tor sets you – your lit­tle head with its grind­ing teeth first – onto the neck of this poor fellow.

Sud­denly, your instincts kick in. Dig. Bore. Drill. You ram your teeth into the Norms skin, dig­ging deep. Sub­mers­ing your­self into the moist warmth his flesh. Until you find it. There it is, you can feel the spark­ing elec­tric­ity com­ing from it. A long strand, guarded by the spine. The ner­vous sys­tem. You can no longer resist, you file away shards of bone to reach your des­ti­na­tion. You sink in, electrified.

You become one with his ner­vous system.

Sud­denly, a flash of impres­sions rushes your tiny lit­tle mind. Images, sounds, smells, ori­en­ta­tion. You can feel what hap­pens on this Norm’s skin, the canal you just dug into his neck. It is all there, at once.

You will soon gain ori­en­ta­tion. It is all con­fus­ing, the first time“, the man with the gog­gles speaks. „It’ll get bet­ter, even­tu­ally. You will get used to it, trust me. We have all gone through this.“

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