We’re on!

Hello inter­net. Recently between me and a fel­low blog­ger the idea came up to open up a blog for Ger­man blog­gers that want to pub­lish their con­tent in Eng­lish, too. So “I made nails with heads”, as a Ger­man say­ing goes, and cre­ated this blog. Its pur­pose is to be a plat­form for mainly German-spekaing blog­gers (though this won’t be too restric­tive) that blog only occa­sion­ally in Eng­lish. It’s for repub­lish­ing their Ger­man arti­cle again in Eng­lish or to pub­lish indi­vid­ual posts in Eng­lish only, maybe because they are of no inter­est for the Ger­man read­ers and it’s not worth it to cre­ate a blog only a few arti­cles. And it’ll be reg­is­tered with blog aggre­ga­tion ties for Eng­lish rpg blogs, so it reaches the right peo­ple automatically.

Hope you enjoy it and if you’re a blog­ger who would like to use this blog for your arti­cle, just leave a com­ment any­where on this blog with your mail address and I’ll con­tact you.

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About Jan

Jan is a passionate gm. His current favorites are D&D 4 and D&D3/Pathfinder. He muses about gamestyles, adventure design and rpg theory. He is always on the hunt for ideas and advice to get better at gaming. His German blog is "De Malspoeler" ("the insane gamer" or "the insanity pretender"), where he is haunted by a gull that is interfering with his writings. In real life he is a computer scientist from south-western Germany and likes playing volleyball.
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2 Responses to We’re on!

  1. PiHalbe says:

    Since I have already been mentioned …

    Say hello to you, English-comprehending gam­ing crowd! Let’s see if we get this thing going. And thank you for read­ing, in advance.

  2. Dark-Lord says:

    Great idea! ;)

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