The internet judges D&D Kids — Interlude with WotC

The first part of my series shed­ding some light on what hap­pened around the removal of the D&D Kids series from the Wiz­ards of the Coast home­page was a three part inter­view with the author Uri Kurlianchik. He has given us some insight on what his moti­va­tions were, on post­ing the Buzz mes­sages that where part of the uproar, and what D&D Kids is all about. He also blames a blog­ger, Kynn, to have delib­er­ately caused all this. I’m cur­rently in the process of try­ing to get some ques­tions answered by her. But after all the accu­sa­tions (from both sides) it’s quite dif­fi­cult to do this in an impar­tial way. But I am in con­tact with her an hope to have some more infor­ma­tion soon.

Mean­while I finally got a response from Wiz­ards of the Coast. Unfor­tu­nately it is quite short:


Thank you for con­tact­ing us. Unfor­tu­nately, we are not able to accom­mo­date your request at this time.

Wiz­ards of the Coast PR Team

Bam! That’s it. I don’t like it, but obvi­ously WotC is not inter­ested in giv­ing us more wis­dom about what hap­pened. At least I did get a reply and don’t have to wait any longer. So from what I know until now I guess it’s just like they got all the e-mails and saw all the out­rage and decided to mute this as fast and good as pos­si­ble by just remov­ing the arti­cles. I’m not sure whether there has been a thor­ough assess­ment about the actual con­tent of them. And now it’s back to nor­mal, try­ing to for­get what happened.

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