New teutonic blogger: Tarin

Hey out there!

I am new to this blog, so it seems appro­pri­ate to type a few words about me. I am a stu­dent of ger­man stud­ies and the­ol­ogy and — more impor­tant in this con­text — I am a role­player for about ten years or so. My main blog is called “Der Gob­lin­bau”, where I write about fan­tasy rpg in dif­fer­ent styles and gen­res. Actu­ally, it’s mostly about Dun­geon­slay­ers (4. Edi­tion, you find an older eng­lish ver­sion here) and old­school gam­ing. The OSR and old­school gam­ing in gen­eral are my main rea­sons to sign up at teu­tonic blog­gers. Most peo­ple talk­ing about those things don’t speak ger­man and there is only a small com­mu­nity of old­school gamers in Ger­many. There are some old­school games avail­able in ger­man (Labyrinth Lord, Mutant Future is in progress), but any­way, most blogs, pages, zines and boards are english.

So, what can you expect from my arti­cles? I will write the biggest part in ger­man at my own blog. When I think of an arti­cle as inter­est­ing for you english-speakers out there, I will trans­late it and  load it up here at teu­tonic blog­ging. If there is some cool old­school stuff to find in Ger­many, you will hear!

I will try to write as cor­rect as I can, but eng­lish is not my native lan­guage and it is a big dif­fer­ence between read­ing and writ­ing a text. I am sure you will be able to under­stand my words, but if you find a strange sound­ing line, just ignore it and replace it with some­thing bet­ter sound­ing in your mind ;)

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About Tarin

I am mostly interested in fantasy games and have much love for oldschool gaming in general. Aside, I am DM in a Dungeonslayers and a D&D 4E group and play in another.
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2 Responses to New teutonic blogger: Tarin

  1. Sean Holland says:

    Wel­come to the English-speaking part of the RPG gam­ing blogosphere!

    Look for­ward to see­ing more from you.

  2. Tarin says:

    Thanks a lot for the friendly wel­come ;)

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